Our philosophy is inspired by a vision of human kind and the rest of creation and its destiny drawn from the life and teaching of Jesus Christ ‘the Perfect Man’ in whom ‘all human values find fulfillment and unity’ (C.S. 35). Here in lies the specifically Catholic character of our college.

“The fact that, in their own individual ways all members of the college community share this Christian vision, makes the college catholic” (C.S. 34).

We believe that in the contest of emerging global and national concerns, there is an urgent need to work for social justice, respect for life and creation and national integration.

We recognize that besides striving for intellectual competence, our college must commit itself to the promotion of love, freedom, sincerity, justice, preservation of the integrity of creation, responsible use of cybernetics and mass media, fostering of wholesome and simple styles, combating the ill effects of globalization, corruption, violence, criminalization and powerlessness of the marginalized section of the society.

We are convinced that all these can be achieved only in an educative community in which, student teachers, teachers, parents and management work together in an atmosphere of loving kindness, joy, friendliness, family spirit, relationship with God, fidelity to duty and spirit of service as desired by our founder Don Bosco and co-founder Mother Mazzarello.

We look up to Mary as our Model, Teacher and Guide.